Cost Reduction & Additional Services

moneyAnother benefit of using Strategic Alliance is a reduction in the cost of business for your company. Our rates cover all the costs indicated below, and our commitment to superior training and education reduces work place accidents as much as possible.

+ Workers Compensation Insurance
+ Payroll
+ Drug Testing
+ Background Checks
+ Certification Collection & Verificaiton
+ IRS Withholding Taxes
+ State Unemployment Tax
+ Federal Unemployment Tax
+ Employment Ads
+ Dental Insurance
+ Vision Insurance
+ Health Insurance Premiums
+ Vacation & Sick Day Tracking56
+ Time spent of prospective employee screening
+ ACA Tracking and healthcare options provided

+ W2 Compliance



Additional Services

In addition to providing end-to-end staffing solutions to our clients, Strategic Alliance also offers several other additional services including
free workplace safety consulting, and the optional utilization of workforce geolocation and scheduling software to keep accurate time cards as well as decrease payroll errors.