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Elkton is located on the colonial highway of America. The forefathers of Elkton navigated its waterways and traveled its roads when heading north to Philadelphia, or south to Virginia. Once known as Head of Elk, named by Captain John Smith, it sits at the northern headwaters of Chesapeake Bay. Elkton played a significant role in both the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. Today, many of the town’s beautiful colonial structures remain, yet they’re surrounded by buildings that reflect an active business community. Get in contact with Strategic Alliance Staffing to help further your Elkton career today and receive a free consultation!

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Strategic Alliance Staffing supports various types of Elkton Staffing Services & Jobs that you can apply for. Some are clerical staffing, hotel service, industrial staffing, and more. If you feel like you are ready to enlist in any of these jobs and have past experience, make sure to visit the contact us tab and fill out the job seeker form on the page. Once you’re done, just wait until we can pair you up with a company around the Elkton area!